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Our founders and financial advisers are British Expats who have worked in the UK and overseas, and have experience across all aspects of financial planning. This enables us to offer a more holistic view on financial advice no matter where you are based or where you plan to be in the future.


“I have been working in international finance and wealth management for 15 years in the UK and overseas.

I love what I do. That includes identifying opportunities, securing capital, and building great teams. Headway Wealth inspires me because we are able to offer the tailored, quality advice that people deserve without the high-entry barriers of many private banks and wealth management firms.

I believe passionately in the benefits of great financial planning on our lives as it has a huge impact on our overall wellbeing.”

-Hamzah Shalchi, Co-Founder


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“I have been fortunate enough to launch and grow a number of companies across different industries, from renewable energy and healthy living to finance. In every case, my aim is to develop a commercial business that brings a wide series of benefits to a large number of people.

That’s very much the case with Headway Wealth. We aren’t just giving people access to a wide range of financial products, but doing so in a structured way, driven by their needs. That’s a really powerful combination driven by great technology and inspirational values.”

-Elliott Parkhouse, Co-Founder


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“I am responsible for all of the firm’s marketing activities. This entails building and executing strategies that help grow our business, managing and overseeing all of the brand’s marketing channels and client communications, as well as supporting the company’s financial advisers with different resources and programmes. My sole focus is to ensure we deliver client-centric strategies that enable us to connect with our audience, convert prospects and drive advocacy. Quite a handful but I love it.”

-Michelle Parkhouse, Marketing Director


“Throughout my 15 year career in wealth management in the UK and overseas, I’ve had the pleasure of helping numerous Brits and Expats create a better future for themselves and their loved ones.

As a husband and father of two, I am passionate about working with families to identify opportunities and provide cost-effective financial solutions that enable them to live their best lives whilst leaving a legacy behind.”

-Duncan Raeside, Senior Financial Planner


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“I have over 15 years experience in financial services, wealth management and private banking.

My passion is helping people achieve their financial goals; sometimes goals they did not think could be achieved.

It can be as simple as having a plan, one that is reviewed and updated as life develops. Other times it can involve structuring assets to live more tax efficiently.

I offer independent advice on UK pensions and investments, and provide a holistic planning service to help mitigate tax in the present and in the future. This includes retirement and estate planning, all with the fundamentals of minimising tax on investments, income and passing wealth through generations.”

-Thomas Parsons, Senior Financial Planner


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Maisy Owen, Digital Marketing Executive at Headway Wealth, specialises in social media, CRM, content creation and more. She’s a key member of the marketing team who’s passionate about executing strategies that help increase brand awareness and client engagement.

“Most people join a company to do one specific job but I am doing different things every day whilst using my creativity, designing content, and making sure we stay true to our brand’s identity and tone. I never thought I would be interested in financial services, an industry that “stereotypically” speaking is known to be dull and boring but it’s quite the opposite. I enjoy the challenge of finding ways to educate our clients on a wide variety of topics related to personal finance.”

-Maisy Owen, Digital Marketing Executive


“I enjoy writing reports for clients because you get an oversight of everything related to that client. From their portfolio’s performance to the specific financial products they hold and the benefits they offer to them. At Headway Wealth, we also have a very diverse client base in different parts of the world so we work with various products and providers and that gives me exposure to providing more holistic financial advice no matter where the client is located.”

-Taylor Forde, Financial Planning Administrator

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“I really enjoy the variety of tasks and projects I am exposed to every day. From new client applications, creating internal and external reports and providing ongoing support for the company’s financial advisers, I am learning many things I haven’t had any understanding of previously. It’s also great to see how the business can grow and I’m excited to be a part of it!”

-Joanne Patterson, Financial Planning Administrator

“I’m fuelled by new challenges and new knowledge, and bring a passion for organisation and streamlining operations to help businesses run smoother. I look forward to making a positive impact on Headway Wealth!”

Michele Draper, Financial Planning Administrator

“I am responsible for all the company’s finances whether that be managing cashflow, monitoring recent transactions, bank reconciliation, report creation for management, preparation of tax returns, payroll, etc. I also implement new processes and procedures that help streamline the company’s operations.

I love broadening my knowledge and experience and this role enables me to do exactly that.”

-Richard Mundell, Finance Manager

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