Legally speaking, everyone can write their own will. You just need two witnesses that are not mentioned in your will, write down how you want your belongings and assets to be spread after your passing, and you are good to go.

Easy, right?

Writing your own will brings a set of risks and potential complications that might occur once you pass away. Even small mistakes in wording, like a comma, can make things go from crystal clear to a tiresome dispute between inheritors.

That’s why we recommend using the services of a professional will writer. The writer should be versed in the fine art of writing a will and knows all the technical aspects associated with completing this important task accurately.

Here are the top 8 reasons why we believe it is crucial to use a professional will writing service.

  1. The peace of mind knowing that everything has been done correctly with all loose ends tied up and that your wishes will be carried out after you’ve gone.
  2. To ensure adequate financial provision for those dependent on you.
  3. Decide who should receive particular possessions that have a personal value, rather than all of your personal items being treated the same way.
  4. Help prevent disputes within the family by making your wishes clear.
  5. Appointing the right guardians to have the parental responsibility of your dependents or children (if minors)
  6. Set out your funeral wishes (no matter how normal or unusual they may be).
  7. Provide for friends or charities or other organisations in your Will, which would not benefit if you died intestate
  8. In some circumstances to help minimise tax consequences that your estate may incur

Other Benefits of using a professional will writing service

1.    A professional writer can properly structure your will so that it is crystal clear who gets what.

Misinterpretation is often because of poor choice of words, badly formed sentences, syntax errors, punctuation mistakes, and grammar errors. That’s how many will disputes have begun and have been stuck in courts for years. A professional writer won’t make such mistakes, and the will shall be a perfect reflection of your thoughts and wishes.

2.    A professional writer costs only a fraction of the cost of what attorneys charge for writing a will.

Attorneys are notorious when it comes to their time, and they will charge you a premium price for every minute they spend writing your will. On the other hand, a professional writer can get the job done at a significantly lower rate.

3.    A professional writer can capture your unique voice.

When they read it, it will be as you have written it yourself. A professional writer knows how to capture your style and preferences perfectly and put them into proper words. Your image will be projected consistently throughout the entire writing. That’s hard to achieve if you are not a professional writer. An attorney focuses solely on the technical aspects of the will.

4.    The finished document will be professionally edited and ready to be signed

Once the will is complete, you will need to print it out and bring down two witnesses for signing. After the signing formality is done, you can store your will in someplace safe.

Overall, professional will writing is a simple, discreet, affordable, and a fairly easy way to have your will written and sealed. Why not get started to get your affairs in order and have peace of mind?

How we can help

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