Cross-Border Financial Planning for US Residents and British Expats in America

We are thrilled to share the latest press release on our US expansion that’s been featured on prominent media outlets such as MarketWatch and Fox.

US media headlined on our “Cross-Border Financial Planning services for US residents and British Expats in America” along with the reasons behind our US efforts:

“With its main headquarters in the UK, Headway Wealth recently announced its expansion into the US market. In association with a regulated firm in the United States, Headway Wealth is one of the few financial advisory firms that can provide financial planning and wealth management solutions to both UK residents and expatriates, as well as US residents with ties to the UK.

To cater to the growing number of British expatriates living across the United States and Canada, this growing global wealth management firm established Headway Wealth US. With over 1.3 million Brits living in the US, expanding into the US market seemed like a great opportunity to not only help individuals across two jurisdictions but to be able to provide them with cross-border financial planning and financial advice when repatriating to the UK.

As an independent financial advisory firm that’s committed to helping individuals throughout the entirety of their financial journey, Headway Wealth adheres to values of transparency, cooperation, and honesty in the way they work with clients. This is reflected in their no hidden charges or undisclosed third-party agreements approach – giving clients more transparency and access to a wider range of financial solutions.

Headway Wealth is the brainchild of two expatriate wealth management advisors, Hamzah Shalchi and Elliott Parkhouse, as a response to their personal experience of witnessing the financial challenges of expatriates. ‘My wife is an American Expat with financial ties to the United Kingdom and the United States. I have witnessed first-hand how complex managing her finances can be and the limited options that are offered to her because of her circumstances. Through her experience, I saw an opportunity to simplify the financial planning process for British Expats in the United States and those with ties to the United Kingdom. I am convinced that with Headway Wealth US, we can provide clients with a better, more personable and cost-effective service,’ Parkhouse shared.

With Headway Wealth, British citizens working in the United Kingdom or overseas, as well as United States expatriates working in Britain, are provided with the opportunities to dream about their future with a clear financial plan. Their financial advisors are experienced in all aspects of financial planning. Not to mention they have extensive networks in major overseas markets to ensure that they can provide wealth management advice to anyone, regardless of background and their circumstances. There is no doubt that Headway Wealth works from the ground up to help their clients reach their full financial potential, one step at a time.”



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