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Hamzah Shalchi’s Pension Advice

When millennials hear the word ‘pension,’ the first thought that crosses their mind is, “Why would I want to give away part of my paycheck to a pension?” As someone who was born in 1985, I know very few, if any people my age, who actually invest in their current pension scheme. In fact, I remember being asked if I wanted to enrol in a pension scheme at my first job and turning my nose up to it thinking, “Why would I want to take home less?” 

The sad reality is that millennials are facing a financial crisis. This generation has been especially struggling to afford rent, student loans and groceries, and can hardly fathom investing in a pension scheme with little to no money in the bank. According to the Telegraph, millennials will need to save an extra £80,400 just to retire at the same age as their grandparents. This means that millennials will need to save approximately £1,900 a year, or £160 per month, to retire by the time they’re 68.  

Like most millennials, I was never educated about pensions, credit cards or savings at school. My parents were very much against pensions and credit cards, but could ever give me a real downside to them when I asked. All I knew was that credit card companies wanted to attract new customers and push their credit schemes as hard as possible – that was it! It wasn’t until I was offered a Barclaycard that my outlook changed and my savings began to grow.

I saw my Barclaycard as essentially “free money” and never batted an eyelid using or taking cash from it when I was short – I actually jumped at the chance! I quickly realised that credit cards, savings and pensions are actually beneficial, which lead me to wish that I opened these accounts sooner. Pensions are a fantastic way to offset your monthly income tax and they’ve been shown to make planning for retirement easier. It’s because of my personal revelation that I continue to encourage UK residents to enrol in their company’s pension scheme and start contributing to it as soon as possible.

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