Maisy Owen

Maisy Owen, Digital Marketing Executive at Headway Wealth, specialises in social media, CRM, content creation and more. She’s a key member of the marketing team who’s passionate about executing strategies that help increase brand awareness and client engagement.

We caught up with Maisy to find out more about her journey so far, what she has learnt from her apprenticeship at Headway, and her advice to anyone who wants a career in the financial marketing.

Can you please tell us more about your role?

The beauty of working for a small company is the fact that my day to day involves a variety of things. From writing blogs on our website to designing informative and educational content about personal finance for clients (retirement planning, investments, pensions, etc), creating email campaigns and social media posts for TikTok, tracking our progress across our digital channels, creating digital analytics reports with our KPIs for senior management, the list goes on and on and every day is different! 

As someone who was completely new to financial services, I have found this experience quite enriching because being in this role has enabled me to learn many things about personal finance that I was unaware of. This ultimately helps me better manage my own money, plus who knew that creating content about ISAs and pensions can actually be fun! We always get creative and try to make our content engaging to ensure it reaches and connects with our target audience.

What led you to choosing this profession?

From the age of 4, I’ve had an interest in media. As a child, I would carry a small camcorder, film random things, edit short videos, and take pictures of anything and everything. Growing up in a generation that has embraced video content with the likes of musically and now TikTok, has also really influenced my interests. I’ve always enjoyed the entire creative process of developing online content no matter what format it is (video or photography).

That said, it seemed like a natural progression to want to pursue a career in Marketing due to my passion for media and my desire to express my creativity through visual content. And thanks to technology, AI, and social media, it is such a broad field that will only continue to grow and evolve which makes it fun and fulfilling because you are constantly learning something new.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I’d say how broad it is. Most people join a company to do one specific job but I am doing different things every day whilst using my creativity, designing content, and making sure we stay true to our brand’s identity and tone. I never thought I would be interested in financial services, an industry that “stereotypically” speaking is known to be dull and boring but it’s quite the opposite. I enjoy the challenge of finding ways to educate our clients on a wide variety of topics related to personal finance.

It’s also a small company and there’s always something fun to do, something new to communicate to our clients, and new things to trial and test. The marketing team is also small which makes it more dynamic because we are constantly sharing ideas, engaging the broader team on these, which makes our job more enjoyable.

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If you weren’t doing this job what would you be doing?

I would probably be doing something media related because it is extremely broad so you have many career options and different fields to pursue. Growing up I always wanted to be in the film industry because I enjoy being on set and think I would really enjoy producing a movie (although it might be a more strict and high-pressure job).  So maybe a videographer, video editor or film producer to direct an entire film from start to finish.

I also really enjoy psychology, spirituality and self-development so maybe working on something where I can help and influence others on their own personal journeys.

What are your hobbies outside of work?

As I mentioned earlier, I am very much interested in psychology, spirituality and self-development so I recently opened an Instagram page to develop content around those topics. My aim with this page is to share my own personal experiences and my perspective on “life” to ultimately help others heal from past traumas or experiences that have held them back in life. I have my own podcast and develop content centred around healing and bettering yourself as a person which is published on that page. I also have another Instagram page that’s all about content creation and my professional journey. I treat it like a portfolio of my creative work.

On a personal level, I also really enjoy traveling, walking outdoors, trying new foods, seeing new cultures and making videos of my travels and day-to-day experiences.

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where do you find inspiration?

I don’t want to sound narcissistic but I get a lot of inspiration from my own personal experiences. As I grew up, I realised I needed a kickstart and change my mindset from quite negative to a positive one and once I realised that there is so much goodness and beauty in life that I needed to share that with other people. At a more tactical level, I get a lot of inspiration from healing and traveling pages on Pinterest, TikTok and YouTube videos.

Future aspirations?

I am quite self-motivated so I always want to push myself to learn new things, achieve new goals at work and master certain areas of marketing. I feel there’s a lot of complacency in this world and I never want to be stagnant so I want to continue to learn as much as I can and luckily I feel like I can do that in this job because I am exposed to different areas which gives me the chance to learn more.

Best advice anyone has given you?

It is quite cliche but it would have to be “everything happens for a reason” because it generally does. I am a firm believer that everything and everyone comes into your life at the exact right moment in time because even when horrible things happen, they serve a purpose.

Another one would be, not taking things personally. Take feedback at face value because it will benefit you and those around you. If you love yourself you won’t feel offended all the time then you won’t waste time.

As my manager, Michelle Parkhouse, always says; Flow like water. Just let life happen, enjoy what you have and when you have it.

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Valuable tip for finances? 

If you can’t afford something twice, you can’t afford it. It’s important to save and be conscious with your money whilst treating yourself once in a while. Money isn’t everything so balance is key.

Advice for someone working in financial services?

Money plays such a big role in someone’s well-being that it is quite beneficial becoming well versed in all things personal finance. Knowing what to do with your money can be quite rewarding.

Also, don’t judge a book by its cover. There is a stigma that financial services is boring and people are misled by the reputation that the industry has but it can honestly be fun and rewarding because understanding this field can ultimately help you personally and financially whilst helping others too.