Sorsha Carry
Sorcha Carry
This week, we caught up with a key member of the Client Services Team at Headway Wealth: Sorcha Carry.
Sorcha is our hard-working and dedicated Financial Planning Administrator who works alongside our financial advisers, paraplanners, and providers to process new business, manage payments/accounts, streamline internal and external processes and handle client requests. Her aim is to provide exceptional service and be of great support to the team.
In our latest interview with Sorcha, she shares her journey into financial services as well as her personal and professional aspirations.

SORCHA, CAN YOU TELL US What led you to CHOOSE this profession?

I started my career as an apprentice working for an invoice financing company. I worked on their processing team allocating funds and I quite enjoyed that role but then COVID hit and I got made redundant. I then moved to VWFS Volkswagen Financial Services which enabled me to work for a big corporation and gain exposure to different departments and roles. Although it was a great experience, it quickly became apparent to me that it was not the place I wanted to be in long term because it wasn’t very personable. After that role, I went into business finance brokering which I absolutely loved because of the fast-paced environment. Although I joined the company as an administrator, I basically took on the role of an account manager, a personal assistant as well as the admin. It was a very dynamic role and everyday was different but the company wasn’t very stable and didn’t provide me with a sense of security so I started looking for a new job. 

Although I had worked for different types of companies within Financial Services, I had never worked for a financial planning firm and I fancied a new challenge. After working for both SME and a big company, I knew that I wanted to work for a small firm because smaller businesses tend to care more for their staff and clients. During my job search, I found Headway Wealth and I can honestly say that I had never worked for such a nice company. I think if they can treat their staff that nicely then it says a thousand words for their clients. 

CAN YOU Tell us MORE about your role? 

My main responsibilities are to assist advisers, process new business and work alongside our paraplanner. My job is quite interesting because it changes every day. From chasing withdrawal requests from providers to submitting new business, contacting schemes, asking for updates on client cases, every day is different! I also assist certain advisers with the ongoing management of their clients and liaise with our finance department to make sure the correct payments are made.

What do you enjoy most about your job? 

How dynamic it is! I enjoy learning about different financial products, liaising with clients or providers on a daily basis but my favourite part would be doing applications. I love working and connecting with people internally and externally.

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WHAT IS THE Best advice anyone has given you?

 “Mindset is everything” – We all have the ability to do anything, it’s our mindset that makes us different and sets us apart.

Sometimes we are our own worst enemies. Oftentimes we tell ourselves we can’t do something when in reality, we probably can. I think I do that a lot because I don’t like having a false impression of myself. I would rather be honest with myself and set realistic expectations so I don’t have false hopes or bring unnecessary pressure on myself.

If you weren’t doing this job, what would you be doing? 

I would have probably stayed in Business Finance Brokering or even hairdressing! I am actually not bad at it. I know how to cut hair and put highlights in.

What are your hobbies outside of work? 

Cooking brings me peace of mind and zens me out. I find it very therapeutic so If I’ve had a bad day, I will put a podcast on and cook. I actually cook dinner from scratch every night for my family and that brings me a lot of joy. I also enjoy going on long walks with my dog.


what are your Future aspirations? 

To become more confident in my knowledge of financial planning and to truly understand all the technical content that gets sent to clients. Once I accomplish that, I would consider going into a paraplanner role. 

What is your most valuable financial tip?

If I can’t afford something 4 times over, I can’t afford it (hence why my car should not be sat outside! ha). People buy things that are on trend and although I do like designer items as I have got older, I would rather have a roof over my head and something that is going to make me money in the long term. Currently, 90% of my money goes into my savings but then I do drip feed it in my spendings so at least it lasts longer I guess.

Do you have any advice or tips for someone considering a role in this industry?

You’ve got to put the time and energy into learning more about the financial service you are selling or your area of responsibility. And most importantly, you’ve got to have a passion for it to truly enjoy the work. Once you apply all things, it can be very rewarding because the work we do every day has a direct impact on a client’s life and their financial wellbeing.