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Pension Tax Benefits for Entrepreneurs & Business Owners

In this Wealth Lens podcast episode, Hamzah Shalchi and Elliott Parkhouse, co-founders of Headway Wealth, discuss why pensions can be a great, tax-efficient way for entrepreneurs to save for retirement, pass on their wealth to the next generation and more.

The Benefits Of Using Wealth Connect

Elliott Parkhouse discusses the benefits of using Wealth Connect, our revolutionary app that helps you view all your finances in one place on your mobile and desktop devices.

Planning Ahead: Saving for your child’s education.

Are you planning on sending your child to university? Have you started saving in tax-efficient ways? Saving for their education now will also enable them to reach other financial goals (i.e. buying a house) and have a better financial future.

Adviser Spotlight: Duncan Raeside

This month, we caught up with Senior Financial Planner at Headway Wealth, Duncan Raeside. Learn more about him and his professional journey.

Top Financial Considerations For Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

In this Wealth Lens podcast, Elliott Parkhouse and Hamzah Shalchi discuss the distinction between personal and business finance, the importance of diversification and protection, along with more financial considerations that Business Owners and Entrepreneurs must take into account.


Are you making the most of your allowances and some of the tax opportunities such as the SEIS and EIS investment programmes?

Don’t Speculate. Start Planning Your Financial Future.

The media will lead you to believe in the latest investment fad or get-rich-quick opportunity. However, historical data shows us that speculation is never the answer. Speculation and investment forecasting is largely attributed to luck rather than skill.

Expat Financial Needs

Whether you are a British Expat living in America, Europe, the Middle East, or anywhere else, it is important to understand the financial implications of living overseas. Hear what our team has to say about expats' common financial needs.

UK Mortgage Solutions For Expats

Many expats looking to buy UK property believe it is challenging to get a UK mortgage whilst being overseas. In this video, Hamzah Shalchi, Director at Headway Wealth, explains how we make UK expat mortgages simple.

Going Back to the Basics

We believe that everyone deserves access to competent financial advise. We strive to change the way, in which financial firms operate. Our goal is to make financial services, accessible to everyone. This is why at Headway Wealth, we are committed to your progress, committed to help you realise your true financial potential.

Cash Comes First

What can be classed as a low-risk investment? Most financial advisers that it is simply cash. A so called rainy day fund, could be something that serves as a financial cushion and may contribute to an effective investment strategy.

Why We All Need a Financial Adviser

In this podcast, Hamzah Shalchi shares why everyone needs a financial adviser to create the right structure, have the most effective financial solutions and create the right plan to achieve their desired lifestyle.

Money Smart Choices

The recent COVID-19 epidemic created a noticeable shift in our mentality and we are trying to make the best financial choices now, more than ever before before. This is the moment, where your decisions matter the most, as having access to a professional financial advice, could make all the difference for your individual situation.

Instructions on How To Download The Wealth Connect App (For Apple Devices)

Our Wealth Connect app is a web-based app that works a little differently to most apps. It requires a different way to download so we've created this video tutorial to help you through the process. Please follow the step-by-step instructions outlined in this video to download Wealth Connect on your mobile device. Keep in mind that this video tutorial is only for Apple devices.

Instructions on How To Download The Wealth Connect App (For Android Devices)

Our Wealth Connect app is a web-based app that works a little differently to most apps. It requires a different way to download so we've created this video tutorial to help you through the process. Please follow the step-by-step instructions outlined in this video to download Wealth Connect on your mobile device. Keep in mind that this video tutorial is only for Android devices

Wealth Connect Video Tutorial (Part 2)- Understanding Your Portal

This is Part 2 of your Wealth Connect Video tutorial series. In this video tutorial we will focus on Managing your Documents, Creating and Receiving Messages, Monitoring your Tasks, Generating Insights, Reviewing your Portfolio and Understanding your Assets.

Wealth Connect Video Tutorial (Part 1)- Registration and Setup

This is Part 1 of your Wealth Connect Video tutorial series. To help you understand more about Wealth Connect, we have prepared a Ste-By-Step 2-Part video tutorial series. In this video tutorial we will focus on Registering your Account, Setting Up your Profile and Navigating through your Wealth Connect Dashboard.

Welcome to Wealth Connect – A New Way To View Your Personal Finances.

Welcome to Wealth Connect - your Personal Finance Portal. This revolutionary app enables you to view all your finances in one place. From your fund information to your financial portfolio, you can see everything at a click of a button on any mobile or web device.

How Social Media Shapes Our Desire for Wealth

There's no doubt that the internet and social media have made the world 'flat', thereby showing how people live, what they think and what they own. Exposure to the internet has given rise to a world interpreted through filters, where the lenses are distorted and often exaggerated.

Leaving a Legacy

After years of hard work, you may want to stop working and pass on your business to your children or other key family members. But what if their passions and interests do not align with yours? You need to consider your options and structure your finances differently to ensure you leave the legacy you want.

Life your way.

In life, we all have a purpose and a mission. Each one of us has different motivations and aspirations. Whether it is to travel the world, master your craft, protect your family, buy your dream home or give your loved ones a better future, life is about realising one’s hopes and dreams.

Committed to your progress.

At Headway Wealth, we are all about progress. We're committed to helping you reach financial freedom through a personalised financial plan, one of the best investments you can make for yourself.

Making Headway: Our Step By Step Approach

Making Headway is our step by step approach to working with clients. We will start by understanding where you are now, where you want to be and helping you get there. This will enable us to get a full understanding of your current and future needs to create a roadmap that helps you reach your full financial potential.

Single Biggest Mistake People Make With Their Finances

What is the single biggest mistake people make with their finances? Lack of planning.

Caution With Who You Take Financial Advice From.

In the last year, the UK has witnessed a 33% increase in scams, equating to a £2.3 billion loss. Over 30% of the losses claimed by victims actually came from investment and online banking/card fraud. So what can you do to protect yourself from investment scams? In this week's podcast our co-founders share some tips on how to protect yourself from investment scams and we've also included a few others.

Pension Planning Perceptions

Do you know the full benefits of having a pension, your pension annual allowances and how to best plan for retirement? With two thirds of this year's British retirees not having enough savings to last their lifetime, we couldn't help but question what the root cause of this issue is and how to avoid it. It all starts with education and early pension and retirement planning!

The Connection Between Wealth and Mental Health.

In our latest video podcast, our founders discuss the connection between wealth and mental health. From financial worry, couples and money to developing strategies that minimise financial anxiety, Elliott and Hamzah share their personal stories and solutions to improve our financial wellbeing.

All Things Pensions and Planning For The Future

One of our main services is retirement and pensions planning. From pension consolidation, pension transfers, pension finding to ISA and all aspects of retirement planning, we will create a financial plan that helps you have the lifestyle you desire so you can have peace of mind in your later years.

Why Aren’t People Investing?

"People are afraid of the word investing." 62% of Brits in the UK are not unlocking the power of investing. In this video, Headway Wealth's founders, Elliott Parkhouse and Hamzah Shalchi, share the current perceptions around investing, why some clients and people are afraid of it and how education is the secret to overcoming these challenges.