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Tax has a reputation for being complex and frustrating. It requires a huge amount of work at least once a year and, inevitably, there always seems to be more to pay than you imagined. It would be fair to say that, other than for a small bunch of specialists, tax isn’t fun.

On the other hand, it is perfectly sensible to structure your finances in a tax-efficient way. The government offers a wide range of tax allowances and reliefs- that enable you to save money in the following areas:

Income Tax – Capital Gains Tax – Dividend Income – ISAs and Pension Contributions for married couples, parents, and more.

We are here to help you take advantage of those incentives, minimising your tax payments now and into the future. We’ll keep it simple, allowing you to relax knowing that there will be no hidden issues later.

ISAS and your Allowances

These come in all shapes and sizes and they are subject to change in the Budget every year. By knowing you and your full financial situation, we can ensure that you utilise every penny that you are entitled to. We’ll help structure your finances to take advantage of everything from income and capital gains tax to ISAs and pensions contributions.

Tax Planning is vital

It is very hard to become tax-efficient retrospectively. Once the tax year ends, most opportunities close with it. On that basis we can help you structure your finances from this year on. To do that, it’s crucial that we have a chance to meet virtually or in person to discuss your current tax status and goals. With our support, your tax plan will work in conjunction with your wider financial plan.


It’s easy to put money into a pension and assume the job is done. But from a tax perspective there are many ways to save significant amounts.

We can advise you on all of them, including:

  • Making additional pension contributions (including pension ‘carry forward’)
  • Pension lifetime allowance protection
  • Balancing your pension contribution against investments in tax-free vehicles like ISAs
  • Managing the lifetime allowance tax to minimise charges
  • Leaving money in your pension to minimise inheritance tax for your loved ones

Allowances and Tax Opportunities for Individuals - SEIS and EIS

As Hamzah Shalchi mentions, the Government’s SEIS and EIS offer investors generous tax breaks to invest in new businesses. You invest, they get the funding, they get a tax break. It’s an immensely successful idea, with more than £23 billion raised for more than forty thousand companies since 1993.

Pension Tax Benefits for Entrepreneurs & Business Owners

Of those who have failed to make any private pension provision, more than half (54 per cent) said this was because they simply could not afford to set money aside. Nearly one in five (18 per cent) say they don't have a pension because they will never retire, and 9 per cent claim they have sufficient funds in a company pension from previous employment.

Are You Aware of Your Financial Issues And Opportunities?

As Hamzah Shalchi, Co-Founder and Financial Planner at Headway Wealth, states in this week's wealth lens podcast, around 50% of our clients have not come to us with a financial problem but many don't feel confident managing their money initially. However, through our financial planning process we uncover the financial issues and opportunities that our clients have, as well as their goals and aspirations.

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More sophisticated tax vehicles

Depending on your circumstances and risk appetite there are certain vehicles that balance uncertainty on the downside with incentives if things go well.
These include Venture Capital Trusts, the Enterprise Investment Scheme and more.
We’ll only introduce these if they are suitable.

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