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why we ALL need insurance

We spend much of our lives planning for good things. To live in a home we love, to continue working until we choose to stop or enjoy a long and happy retirement.

Sadly, these are not always possible, and it’s important that your financial plan provides contingencies for things not going to plan.

That includes you:

  • Not being able to work or having unexpected changes at work
  • Becoming ill and not being able to provide for your family
  • Protecting your family from the “unknown”

These aren’t particularly pleasant thoughts, but we can help ensure that you and your family are protected either way.

Our Insurance Review

Our advisers will ask you to share details of any insurance policies you might have such as:

  • Life Insurance
  • Critical Illness
  • Income Protection

The outcome will allow us to suggest whether you have the best insurance for your needs, whether it’s costing you too much and what we could do to give you more certainty and better value.

Moving forward

If you would like our help tuning that feedback into a new insurance plan, we will happily take-on the hard work for you.

We’ll also organise regular reviews of your arrangements to ensure that they stay up to date with your circumstances and that you are also getting the best insurance deals possible.

The Importance of Insurance and Protection Planning

Today is #insuranceawarenessday so we wanted to discuss the importance of insurance and protection planning to ensure you and your loved ones are protected from the unexpected.

Don't Speculate. Start Planning Your Financial Future

The media will lead you to believe in the latest investment fad or get-rich-quick opportunity. However, historical data shows us that speculation is never the answer. Speculation and investment forecasting is largely attributed to luck rather than skill.

Investing During Volatile Times

As Elliott Parkhouse, Director at Headway Wealth, shared in our latest podcast, markets dropping and rising is completely normal. However, investors are wired to think otherwise with the constant influx of negative news, political and economic challenges, etc.

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