Many people know Henri Lansbury as the 29-year old Premier League midfielder from Aston Villa, but what you may not know is that he has partnered with Headway Wealth to help protect young Premier League footballers from financial ruin.

Together, Henri and Headway Wealth are working on helping Premier League players determine the best financial plan for their individual needs. Henri’s goal is for all Premier League footballers to feel financially secure when their career comes to an end. Henri feels that promoters and networks don’t care enough about a player’s personal or financial wellbeing to help them adequately prepare for when they walk away from the game forever, stating that, “We all think that more than ever there are people attaching themselves to the game who are looking to make some quick money and who don’t care about the players.”

Henri also discussed how frequently Premier League footballers are approached and pitched different financial plans, going on to say, “There are so many people coming to players with investment opportunities that it is almost impossible to separate the good from the bad and it is something that we speak about a lot together.” 

Knowing how debated this topic is amongst players, we’ve worked with Henri to simplify the wealth management and financial planning process for young Premier League players. We help footballers find the best financial option for them, while detailing the pros and cons of each financial plan with them. We’re confident that with Henri by our side, we’ll provide the financial protection and stability Premier League players need most.

Watch Henri and Aston Villa take on Sheffield United this Saturday at 3 p.m. and cheer him onto victory.