The numbers are staggering, between 4.5 and 5.5 million Brits live outside of the UK, which is about 7-8% of the UK Population.

A recent study showed that around 60% of British expats choose to return back to the UK, which means that there are huge numbers that need repatriation planning by someone who understands both the international and UK markets.

After a decade of working in Financial Services outside of the UK, I decided to pursue all of the angles for International Financial Planning for Europeans, which includes, largely, repatriation. The scariest question for everyone is “Who can help me with my finances while I’m outside of the UK?”

Headway Wealth is perfectly placed to do this. With a British Team of Advisors that have worked in the UK, Europe and further afield, we can manage your finances, wherever in the world your next destination is. This could be for work or retirement, permanent or temporary but most importantly, we can see you through the whole process.

I have managed clients from the time I left the UK, spending years working in Dubai and then repatriating myself, and it has always been a simple and easy process. For people who have dealt with advisers that are not familiar with the different market places, this cannot only become a long and arduous process but a costly one too. There are certain securities that can be held outside of the UK which could be taxed heavily on the day you repatriate and also certain taxes that you can still pay as a non-resident. So, whatever your circumstances, when you’re repatriating, make sure you speak to people who know the rules.

Hamzah Shalchi, CEO