We ran a client survey in April to get some insight on the topics that are of interest to you and the areas we could improve on. We’re constantly looking at ways we can better serve our clients so thanks to everyone who contributed. There was a fantastic response to the survey and a lot of great feedback from clients who’ve told us what they like, what they don’t and what they’d like to see more of.


HW client survey results

In the survey, many of our clients expressed an interest in learning more about retirement planning (22.58%) and pensions (19.35%), a collective 42%. So you spoke, we listened.


We actioned your wishes and interests, and have developed The Pension Hub, an educational section within the Headway Wealth website that talks about everything related to pensions, retirement and more.

From Pension Types to Pension Law, Pension Protection, Pension Sharing and Pension Help, we’ve got it covered.

Pension Types

From SIPP, QROPS, Defined Benefit and Defined Contribution Pensions, learn more about the different types of pensions that exist today.

Pension Basics

A brief introduction to pensions, allowances and the tax relief you get from them.

Pension Law

Visit this section to learn about pension legislation, Lifetime Allowance (LTA) and the different rules associated with UK pensions.

Pension Protection

Are you aware of the different ways your pensions are protected?

Pension Sharing

Learn about what happens to your pensions in the case of death, illness or divorce.

Pension Help

Our team of financial advisers can help you with all of your pension matters. Learn about the different ways we can assist you by visiting this section.
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